Welcome to Annie's Magic Garden!

Thank you for stopping by and perusing my website.  You'll find a lot of rare and unusual plants so be sure to check all the categories.  You can find payment and shipping info In the Help section on the lower left of the page plus read about me in the 'About Annie's Magic Garden'.

Unfortunately I must stop all plant shipping for at least the month of December.  I just got home from the hospital after spending Thanksgiving week getting chemo for small cell lung cancer.  I should be fine again one day but for now I am feeling the effects, ugh.  I can still ship non-plant items like gloves and sleeves. 

FOR SALE  Due to age and health problems I have decided it's time to 'retire' and sell off most of my plants.  The entire business is for sale including thousands of plants, pots, and even this website.  I prefer to have someone take all but will consider offers for specific species such as all Dyckia, all Orthophytum, all Sansevieria, etc.  Prices are negotiable and will be cheap for whole collections, well below wholesale.  Buyer can pick up here, I can make arragements to have a truck deliver to you, or I can ship.    A $5,000 to $10,000 deposit will be required depending on what you want.  Asking price for entire business is $30,000.  I plan to keep the non-plant items for sale a while longer if possible.  Please email me if seriously interested. 


I am offering Buy Now Ship Later.   You can place your order any time and let me know that you want it held.  I will hold it until you tell me to ship.  Go on summer vacation and get your plants when you return home or ship in the fall when temps are cooler.   This way you can have your plants reserved and not worry about them not being available later.


I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DELAY SHIPMENTS DUE TO EXTREME COLD TEMPERATURES and FLOODING.  Please note we have to worry about the weather in transfer cities BETWEEN  me in South central Texas and you.   


 The Wish List is a nice feature where you can place all the plants you are interested in then choose the ones to put in your shopping cart for final checkout. It's great because you don't have to search all over the place for the plants you may want to look at again.  If an item is showing out of stock please contact me as more than likely I have more, just haven't divided them yet, done inventory, etc.

We accept Paypal which can process your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, etc. plus checks/money orders.   You can select your choice when you check out with Paypal.  You do not need a Paypal account to use your credit card.

NEW!  We now have a FACEBOOK page, created by my hubby who will help maintain it. (since I am clueless)  Please join us so you can receive updates, sales alerts, ask questions, etc.  I promise to keep the chit-chat to a minimum and will not bombard you with spam.  Since I don't know what I'm doing yet please 'Like' me anyway and feel free to make suggestions or let us know what photos you would like to see.  Thanks!

Happy Gardening!!

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