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About Annie's Magic Garden

About Annie's Magic Garden

Welcome Plant Lovers!

Annie's Magic Garden is a small, licensed, USDA inspected nursery located just south of San Antonio, Texas. I have been gardening for over 45 years and am passionate and dedicated to providing as much honest information as I can so that everyone can enjoy their plants as much as I do. My climate is harsh, normally very hot for most of the year and always very humid. The winters here vary from no freezes to miserable cold and I never know what's going to happen.

I started out collecting plants then sharing with friends and family but after pretending not to be home when I came calling I had to find homes for all my excess plants. I started selling on ebay many years ago but after many inquiries asking if I had a website I finally decided it was time. I still consider myself a collector first, sales person second, and I am always willing to trade for something I don't have and want.

My name is Linda but my nursery is named in honor of my most wonderful (Am/Can CH) English Mastiff companion dog, Annie, now deceased, and her grandson, Magic. Annie always accompanied me on my jaunts to various nurseries, helped me choose plants to bring home, and by wrinkling her nose and snorting, told me which ones she thought didn't smell so good. :-) Even weighing 237 pounds she was a dignified lady and always welcome wherever we went. I will miss her always.

My husband and I have been married for 45 years, he, a retired school teacher, me an entrepreneur with many talents. We live on 17 wooded acres with soil of pure sand. After 15 years of Mastiffs we downsized to Pugs, our mini-Mastiffs, which we adopted from rescue. We also have 4 cats, three adopted from shelters and a sweet stray who adopted us. All pets live in the house and are considered part of the family. In the past 30 years we have had horses, cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks, geese, rabbits, assorted caged birds, reptiles, and a myriad of other critters not to mention thousands of species of plants.

Most of the property is left in its wild state and supports many species of wild animals including fox, coyote, raccoons, opossums, hawks, eagles, owls, snakes, lizards, frogs and toads, deer, lots of bird species, and oodles of assorted butterflies and other insects. Out of 17 acres we use barely 5 so there is plenty of habitat for the wild folk. My gardens always include lots of plants for hummingbirds, butterflies, and seed and berry bearing for the winter birds too. We don't get much rain here, average 20" per year, so I plant a lot of drought tolerant plants and keep up with the watering as best I can on the others.

Most of my plants are propagated by cuttings or offsets which insures a carbon copy of the parent plant. Some are propagated by seed, root cuttings or division, depending on which method is best for that particular species.

I will not send you any plant that is not vigorous and does not have a strong root system unless specifically stated in the listing as a cutting. All will be strong and ready to grow when you receive them. I also always ship plants in their original pots with their soil unless bare-root is the best way to go for a particular plant. Why pay extra postage for dirt? If you need your plants shipped bare-root with all soil removed, please notify me at the time you make payment.

All of my plants are grown organically and I never use harsh chemicals for pest control. Pests are kept in check by predator insects, birds, frogs, lizards, etc. When more control is needed I use soapy water spray, alcohol, or hand picking. So please do not be surprised if you see a slightly chewed leaf when you receive a live plant. :-) I do my best, however, to insure that any insects are removed or killed before any plant is shipped out and try to inspect each plant before packing. My eyesight isn't what it used to be so if you get a bug please let me know! For more info on growing plants please check out my Hints & Tips section.

Buyers are encouraged to do their homework and research any plant you are interested in obtaining. With advance knowledge of each plant you can determine if it will prosper in your climate, soil, area, and where to situate it in your garden. You can use the links provided in the Links section for info on your USDA zone and other information. If you are like me you always try to push the envelope a bit and grow things not rated for your zones. Many plants will surprise you by doing very well at your house and can be grown in pots and brought inside if your area is to cold or to hot for a particular species. Us old timers have a saying "if we haven't killed a plant three times, we haven't given it a good try".

I do my plants by myself, growing, caring for, propagating, selling, packing and shipping. It gets a little hectic sometimes so please bear with me if I make a mistake or seem slow to respond. My husband is disabled due to his heart and now throat cancer but helps as much as he can. We are literally a Mom and Pop business!

If you have a problem with your plant upon arrival, please email me right away so we can do whatever we can to help it survive. I want all my customers to be happy and together we can have a happy outcome for everyone.

Please email me at if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way. But most of all...